Machine Erected boxes

The machine-erected box is very effective and efficient packaging for the transportation, storage and display of your fruit and vegetables, bread and pastries, flower bulbs, shellfish or meat products. We manufacture the die-cut sheets and also erect the box for you. Vertically integrated, so at a minimal cost. Our Research & Development Department would be happy to help with the design of your box.


  • Printing in offset or high-quality print, and PPL
  • Hand-folded or machine erected
  • Standard boxes available
  • We have mobile presentation units (FSDUs) and shelf displays (MUs)
  • We can also offer special counter displays as one of the possibilities.
  • Renting, leasing or purchasing box-erecting machines
  • Making your box-erecting station
  • Fast and reliable advice from experienced technical employees
  • Back-up supply from one of the LC Packaging box-erecting stations


Supporting your products

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