Standard boxes

AGL folding boxes are probably the most well-known boxes with flaps at the top and bottom. They can be supplied in different varieties, such as ‘autolock’ and ‘Swedish bottom’. In most cases, these boxes are used to transport multiple smaller products.

Standard boxes are often custom-made to suit the product. For example, we have customers who need boxes for shampoo bottles and customers who need hand-folded boxes with air inlets for good ventilation of flower bulbs. Nothing is too difficult for LC Packaging - ask us about the possibilities.


  • Printing in flexo, offset or high quality print, and PPL
  • Hand-folded or machine erected
  • Available in various flute types
  • Various coatings available, such as UV spot and laminated
  • Design according to the customer's requirements
  • 100% recyclable


Supporting your products

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