In the chemical industry, we ensure through our subsidiary WorldBag that we recondition reusable bulk bags (big bags/jumbo bags). This process is consistent with the sustainability vision of LC Packaging, which also includes 100 percent recyclability.

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Founded in 1996, WorldBag works in accordance with ISO 14001 in Almere. The reconditioning process starts when we collect the reusable FIBCs from you, our customer. Following an initial inspection, we clean the bags. We then carefully inspect the bags for dirt and damage. After that, we tie them shut and fold them in accordance with your specifications as the customer. We also mark them for tracking and tracing. Every FIBC is inspected again by a quality assurance inspector. Our customers mainly work in the following industries: fibre optics, resins, zeolites, polymers, flame retardants and titanium dioxide.

Our strict procedures guarantee the safe reuse of your FIBCs, lower packaging costs and a sustainable way of working. This is our unique formula, allowing you to order both new and reconditioned FIBCs from LC Packaging.


  • Suitable for FIBCs with an SF of 6:1 and 8:1
  • Not suitable for food
  • Not suitable for hazardous goods
  • We collect the bags for you
  • Licensed to transport waste internationally

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