Printing using the right technique

Good printing is essential to guarantee the communication and recognition of your product. Whether it is a logo, barcode or multi-coloured print: LC Packaging CARDBOARD will readily advise you on the various coatings or surface treatments.

Flexo print
Flexo print is the most commonly used printing method in the corrugated cardboard industry. We use water-based inks.

High quality print (HQP)
HQP is done on special flexographic printers and achieves a higher quality than flexography. A more precise, high-quality print as a result, this is the right technique for products needing photo quality.

Offset printing
Off set display example LC PackagingOffset printing produces the brightest images with the sharpest price-quality ratio. Offset printed packaging tells the story of your product, increases product distinction, contributes to brand experience, speaks to the consumer, fulfils a need, entices, and has a positive influence on your brand recognition and revenue.

Pre-printed liner (PPL)
For large print runs we often use pre-printed liner (PPL), pre-printing and processing the outer layer of paper, before using this to produce the cardboard packaging. PPL can be used during seasonal highs to ensure the necessary production capacity is achieved.

Specific coatings (PE)
By adding an extra coating to your packaging, the box will be antistatic, water resistant or oxidation resistant.

Supporting your products

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