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Own cardboard manufacturing locations
LC Packaging delivers custom solutions to suit your packaging needs. We have our own production facilities in Belgium and Hungary, and maintain long-term partnerships with strategic partners in Europe. We can always offer our customers a wide range of corrugated cardboard solutions and deliver customised packaging that meets specific industry requirements. LC Packaging produces more than just standard packaging. We are able to deliver packaging with high quality offset printing and help today’s retailers increase shelf-attention impact and build brands.

Dedicated cardboard professionals
Our cardboard division is staffed by dedicated professionals who provide tailor-made packaging solutions and excellent service. Their abundant professional knowledge allows us to provide each customer with the best-suited packaging concept. LC Packaging uses a project-based approach, initiated by internal sales and external account and sales managers. We also have our own Research & Development department and graphic experts.

Excellent logistics
Our cardboard division has 10 box-erecting stations in Europe that provide our customers with erected trays. About 65% is used in horticulture, the rest is food-related. LC Packaging can also install machines on-site to turn die-cuts into 3D trays. To ensure stability for our customers we provide technical support and mechanics, as well as the expertise of prominent manufacturers of box-erecting machinery. As the coordinator, LC Packaging will take final responsibility in all cases.

Consistent quality
Over more than 90 years of collaboration with various production partners, we have built up solid relationships We also have our own production locations. This means we can guarantee the consistent high quality of our products. If desired, we can maintain a stock of your products, so they can always be provided when required.

Seasonal flexibility through just-in-time delivery
We guarantee delivery of your cardboard packaging, even during seasonal highs. We are well-acquainted with the pressures of your industry and are able to respond flexibly. With more than 10 box-erecting stations in Europe, just-in-time delivery is guaranteed.

Growth innovation, and sustainability
Since 1923, LC Packaging has maintained relationships with reliable partners: “Our word is our bond.” We strive to achieve long-term, sustainable relationships with out employees, production partners and customers, as befits a family business. This means we feel responsible for the wellbeing of our employees and relations.
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