Types of Cardboard

During storage and transport, your products need to be protected from knocks and bumps. That's what corrugated cardboard is for. The strength of the corrugated cardboard depends on the flute height and the flutes per metre, indicated using letters. The Research & Development department at LC Packaging can give you the best advice on the flute required. Below is a list of the flute heights that are available at LC Packaging:

Types of Corrugated Cardboard

Type of flute Average flute height mm.
N 0.6
F 0.85
E 1.2
B 3
C 4
D 2.35
EB 4.5
BE 4.5
EE 2.5
BB 6.0
CB 6.5
DE 3.9
DB 5.4
DC 6.4
BC 6.5

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